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    That moment when you find out that you’re expecting a little bundle of joy can be a moment of mixed emotions of love, happiness, excitement, nervousness and anxiety. If its your first one its definitely a kind of an emotional cocktail that you’ve never felt before. From a quick calculation of your due date, to the imaginary nursery in your house. From wondering if it will be a boy or a girl, to the first call to your GP, it all happens just so quick. 

    For some the time flies by as they are lucky to have an easy pregnancy but its not the case for all. Sickness, Cravings, Tiredness and Emotional Rollercoster are just a few chapters to name but we spoke to a couple of mums and they helped us pen down on how they felt when they found out about their first pregnancy. Lets check out what they had to share with us:

    Jane Robertson, a sewing addict from Manchester and owner of Sew Mrs B, says, “Valentines Day 2005. I hadnt been feeling well, probably because I was working 60 hours a week then partying in the evening. It hadnt occured to me the possibility of being pregnant. But now here I was with a positive test in my hand. Shock set in what was I going to do? The months rolled on, the sickness passed and the cravings began. It was such a bizzarre feeling when the baby moved a foot or hand. I knew I was having a little girl named Chloe. My due date neared so I was induced. After 4 long days she arrived. Wow! The rush of emotions racing through me where overwhelming. This tiny little bundle was depending on me, that was scary. Fast forward 12 years and them emotions never change. This young lady will always be my tiny bundle in my heart.”

    Amy Reid, a Photographer from Aberdeen and mum to an 8 year old gorgeous girl said, “So I was thinking back to the time I first found out I was having Emily and I remember just feeling so numb, there was no positive or negative emotion there – I didn’t know what to feel. I was 19 and I had been with Tom for only a couple of months but we knew we were right for each other – we were inseparable from the very first time we met and now it’s been almost eight years! I’ll tell anyone that listens, that even though your life changes after having a baby, you still have to make time for yourselves xx”

    They say Boys are difficult, Nikki Mottram fantastically managing her Operations Support Supervisor position along with her 2 boys from Newmachar says, “When I had seen the line appear on the stick I was initially taken a back as after 10 months or so of waiting for this moment , this time it was finally happening, then the mixture of emotions set in, excitement, nervous, can we actually do this !! I was lucky enough to have a smooth pregnancy and a natural birth . From the minute we set eyes on our son we felt an imminent feeling of unconditional love for him and knew that whatever the world threw our way we would get through it just fine. Xx”

    Having twins has always sounded like a Miracle. As they say, Double the Giggles, Double the Grins, Double the Touble, When you’re blessed with Twins. Sangeet Chopra, a very enthusiastic mum to twin boys says, “I was very excited about the journey of pregnancy – and was even more overjoyed when we found out i was carrying twins! I had to attend a lot of appointments related to twin pregnancy but seeing my babies on the screen made all my worries dissapear this experience was amazing and I couldn’t wait to enter the world of Motherhood.”

    Once a Parent, Always a Parent. No matter how old your kids have grown the memories from pregnancy still stay fresh in your mind for many years to come. And to back us up Carole Russell, owner of Carole’s Crafty Gems, a small business located in Wooler agrees with us. When we asked her about her first pregnancy she said, “I found out I was pregnant at 19 years of age. Me and my boyfriend were over the moon. I didn’t have a great pregnancy. Vomitting all the time (day and night sickness), fainting spells but eventually got used to it. Had a 12 hour labour and had my daughter 4 weeks early weighing 4lb 14oz. What an experience that was but we’ll worth it. I have since had another 3 children. My youngest is now nearly 21. Time flies over so quick so enjoy your children while they are young.”

    Enjoy your pregnancy, It goes by so fast. There no better feeling than the movement of Life inside you. If you are looking for unique ideas for revealing your pregnancy we have creative products that can help you announce in style. Check out our Pregnancy Announcement Items here.

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