Baby Girl - Personalised Frame - Giraffe

Baby Girl - Personalised Frame - Giraffe

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Description of product

Suitable for a new baby gift or Christening gift 

This personalised unique baby girl frame is perfect to decorate the nursery walls. Ideal as a unique new born baby gift but also perfect for your own nursery wall art. 

Mommy giraffe and baby girl giraffe together, snuggling, side by side. Mummy contains the new born baby girls name, date and the time she was brought in to this world, although you may choose to have other wording, perhaps a poem, a song, or some other special words. Customised to your requirements, mummy giraffe can have all the words/baby name that you wish to include.

Baby giraffe stands proud next to her mummy, in a soft pink, wearing a hand sewn pink bow, both are with little giraffe antennas. 

At the bottom of the design, you can add your own quote or the little ones name and date of birth separately, adorned with two tiny pink diamantes either side.

With a combination of pencil, embellishments, hand cut cards, this handcrafted design is delicately made to order and lovingly crafted to your requirements. 

How to personalise

Add the new Princess's name
Her weight
The date she was born
Or Christening details

The design includes a white box frame measuring 10"x8"

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